QSFP+ — Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus

Детальное описание разъема QSFP+

Рисунок 1. Верхняя сторона разъема QSFP+ с контактными площадками (взгляд сверху)


Рисунок 2. Нижняя сторона разъема QSFP+ с контактными площадками (взгляд снизу)


Таблица №1. Назначение контактных площадок QSFP+ разъема


Номер контактной
площадки (PIN)
Логика Обозначение Наименование/Описание Примечание №
1   GND Module Ground 1
2 CML-I Tx2n Transmitter Inverted Data Input  
3 CML-I Tx2p Transmitter Non-Inverted Data Input  
4   GND Module Ground 1
5 CML-I Tx4n Transmitter Inverted Data Input  
6 CML-I Tx4p Transmitter Non-Inverted Data Input  
7   GND Module Ground 1
8 CML-I ModSelL Module Select 2
9 CML-I ResetL Module Reset 2
10   Vcc Rx +3.3 V Receiver Power Supply  
11 LVCMOS-I SCL 2-wire Serial Interface Clock 2
12 LVCMOS-I/O SDA 2-wire Serial Interface Data 2
13   GND Module Ground 1
14 CML-O Rx3p Receiver Non-Inverted Data Output  
15 CML-O Rx3n Receiver Inverted Data Output  
16   GND Module Ground 1
17 CML-O Rx1p Receiver Non-Inverted Data Output  
18 CML-O Rx1n Receiver Inverted Data Output  
19   GND Module Ground 1
20   GND Module Ground 1
21 CML-O Rx2n Receiver Inverted Data Output  
22 CML-O Rx2p Receiver Non-Inverted Data Output  
23   GND Module Ground 1
24 CML-O Rx4n Receiver Inverted Data Output  
25 CML-O Rx4p Receiver Non-Inverted Data Output  
26   GND Module Ground 1
27 LVTTL-O ModPrsL Module Present, internal pulled down to GND  
28 LVTTL-O IntL Interrupt output, should be pulled up on host board 2
29   Vcc Tx +3.3 V Transmitter Power supply  
30   Vcc 1 +3.3 V Power Supply  
31 LVTTL-I LPMode Low Power Mode 2
32   GND Module Ground 1
33 CML-I Tx3p Transmitter Non-Inverted Data Input  
34 CML-I Tx3n Transmitter Inverted Data Input  
35   GND Module Ground 1
36 CML-I Tx1p Transmitter Non-Inverted Data Input  
37 CML-I Tx1n Transmitter Inverted Data Input  
38   GND Module Ground 1

Примечание к Таблице №1:

1. GND is the symbol for signal and supply (power) common for the QSFP+ module. All are common within the QSFP+ module and all module voltages are referenced to this potential unless otherwise noted. Connect these directly to the host board signal-common ground plane.

2. Vcc Rx, Vcc1 and Vcc Tx are the receiver and transmitter power supplies and shall be applied concurrently. Recommended host board power supply filtering is shown below. Vcc Rx, Vcc1 and Vcc Tx may be internally connected within the QSFP+ Module module in any combination. The connector pins are each rated for a maximum current of 500 mA.

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